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Graduate Korean nurse in corner of operating room of Corwane? hospital at Pyong Yang.

"Kim Ok Kiun [Kim Ok-gyun]; aged 35. Head of the Progressive or Liberal Party. Formerly Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Head of the Department of Development and Colonization. Was twice sent as Commissioner to Japan. In the new cabinet was…

"Pak Yong Hio. Aged 25. Prince of the highest rank. Married a daughter of the former King; who is a niece of the present king. Was Embassador to Japan in 1881. In the new cabinet was made Minister of War; and Commander of the Northern and Southern…

"Sah Jai Pil. Aged 33. Graduate of the Tokio Military Academy; and Head of the Military Academy at Seoul. Appointed Vice-Commander of the Northern and Southern Army."
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