Sinclair New Jersey Collection Printed Items

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Sinclair New Jersey Collection Printed Items


Printed material from the Sinclair New Jersey Collection. To consult the original physical item, note the title, author, and volume (if relevant), as well as the sublocation and call number.

The sublocation is needed in order to locate the section of our stacks in which the item is shelved. The variety of material included in the Sinclair New Jersey Collection--including format, size, and rarity--requires items to be shelved in various physical locations.

Sublocation SNCLNJ denotes the open stacks of the Sinclair New Jersey Collection, where patrons may retrieve items themselves. All other Sinclair sublocations (SNCNJF, SNCLX, SNCLY, SNCLY2, SNCLXF, and so on) are shelved in closed stacks and require that a call slip (with the above information) be submitted so that the item can be retrieved.

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